Oriol Tarragó (Spain, 1976) is a Barcelona-based sound designer. Born into a family
of architects, he dedided early on not to follow the family tradition and instead pursue
a career that still allowed him to explore his creativity in filmmaking.
He graduated from the University of Barcelona School of Film (ESCAC) with documentary
Pura (1999)
, after receiving a scholarship for a six-month stay at Singapore’s Ngee
Ann Polytechnic.

Back in Spain, he worked with Guillermo del Toro on The Devil’s Backbone (2001)
and with fellow ESCAC graduate Juan Antonio Bayona on Bayona’s first short films.
He then moved to New York, where he studied film postproduction at New York
University (NYU), and on to London to work as a sound editor.

He returned to Barcelona to do The Orphanage (2007) with Bayona and began to work
for directors such as Jaume Balagueró, Kike Maíllo, Denis Villeneuve or Daniel
Monzón, Edmón Roch, as well as for Juan Antonio Bayona’s subsequent films.
The sound designer of many Spanish and international films such as [REC] (2007),
The Impossible (2012), Enemy (2013) Crimson Peak (2015), Penny Dreadful (2014),
Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom (2018), The society of the Snow (2023) he has
 six Goya awards from the Spanish Film Academy, eight Gaudí awards from the
Catalan Film Academy and two Golden Reel Awards from the Motion Sound Picture
Editors (MPSE).
In 2018 he was awarded Best European Sound Designer by the European Film Academy.

He now combines his work in sound postproduction at his own studio Coser y Cantar
with his teaching activity at ESCAC and other University of Barcelona programs.
He is member of the “Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas of Spain and
the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of the United States (Academy of
Hollywood) and he is also involved in other projects in studios in the U.S.,
Canada and the U.K


SCPS, Film Postproduction
2004 – 2004

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Film Media Studies, Postproducction
1999 – 1999

Film, Sound
1995 – 1999


127 credits


27 wins and 17 nominations

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