Anacleto, agente secreto – Sound reel

“Gags are based on sound. Humor is created by decontextualizing and exaggerating sounds.  Detailed work to generate a fun sound code for the fist fights; undoubtedly, sound is hallmark of the film’s tone.”


Agente Secreto 2015
Telefonica Studios
Zeta Audiovisual








Goya Awards 2016

Won – Goya

Nominated – Goya – Best Sound 
Oriol Tarragó

Best Special Effects
Lluís Rivera – Lluís Castells

Gaudí Awards 2016

Won – Gaudí Award

Best Sound – Oriol Tarragó 
Best Production Manager – Josep Amorós
Best Visual Effects – Lluís Castells – Lluís Rivera
Best Art Direction – Balter Gallart

Miami Film Festival 2016

Won – Audience Award

Best Feature Film – Javier Ruiz Caldera (director)

Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival 2016

Won – Jury Prize
Best Film – Javier Ruiz Caldera
Best Actor – Quim Gutiérrez

Seattle International Film Festival 2016

Won – Golden Space Needle Award

Best Director – Javier Ruiz Caldera

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